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Heart with flowers

She who has health has hope;

and she who has hope, has everything.


Practical and personalized coaching for individuals struggling with eating disorders and for the parents and caregivers supporting them.


No matter where you are in your journey, either newly diagnosed or already along the path:

Breathe. There is hope. There is help.

Sooner or later, life is going to lead us into the belly of the beast, into a place we can’t fix, control, explain or understand.  A place beyond the edge of our own resources. That’s where transformation happens – because there we are in the hands of our bigger, more resourceful self.

- (Adapted from Richard Rohr)

photo of Mary Granfors

You are not alone. I have been there.

Hello, my name is Mary Granfors. I am a CCI Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach based in Asheville, North Carolina, and I support individuals, parents and caregivers worldwide through tele-health conferencing and offer in person support in greater Asheville.

I won’t sugarcoat this.  Eating disorders are not a choice, and are serious, complicated illnesses that affect physical, mental and social health. In fact, eating disorders are on the rise worldwide, and in the US, they are now among the deadliest mental illnesses, second only to Opioid Use Disorder.


When I first discovered my own loved one suffered from an eating disorder, my world turned upside down. I didn't know anything about the illness, how to support her or how to go about getting her the care she needed. I felt overwhelmed with fear and guilt. Mostly, I felt a huge responsibility to save my child’s life. 


Then I discovered help: an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach. This brilliant guide was with me in the trenches day to day, mentoring me, educating me and lending me a knowledge-able and supportive hand.  She gave me tools to respond from a place of love, compassion and collaboration. This was a massive game changer for me and made a positive shift for my daughter on her path to recovery.  


My Recovery Coach wasn’t a therapist, she didn’t work on “why” my daughter got anorexia, she helped me with the “how and now” to facilitate change. 


I honestly could not have gotten through that difficult time without her.  


Now I am blessed to be able to give back.  Combining my own lived experience, my previous professional career working in nonprofits for over 30 years with people facing life challenges and protecting our planet, and my completion of the Certification as an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach from the Carolyn Costin institute (CCI), I want to help and guide others going through a similar, yet unique journey. 



This means, with help and support, people suffering from an eating disorder will not have to manage this illness for the rest of their lives. They can be fully recovered, be at peace with food and their bodies, live a meaningful life, and find joy and self love, free from their eating disorder.  


I have met and worked with many people who are fully recovered.

There is hope. 

Being Recovered Means:

  • A person can accept his or her natural body size and shape and no longer has a self-destructive relationship with food or exercise.

  • Food and weight take a proper perspective in their life, and what they weigh is not more important than who they are; in fact, actual numbers are of little importance at all. 

  • They will not compromise their health or betray their soul to look a certain way, wear a certain size, or reach a certain number on the scale.

  • They do not use eating disorder behaviors to deal with, distract from, or cope with other problems.

Original art by yours truly.


Thanks for connecting!

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