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About My Background

At the Carolyn Costin Institute, I graduated from the rigorous, yet very rewarding Eating Disorder Recovery Coach Training, which educates and trains on teaching life skills, coaching individuals who suffer from eating disorders, as well as coaching the caregivers who support them. I am fully Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach, CCIEDC 2052.


As a CCI Coach, I’ve learned how to work with eating disorder clients and their caregivers in both individual and group settings to help facilitate growth and behavioural changes that support recovery. 


The CCI coaching principles parallel the eight core keys detailed in the book and workbook “8 Keys to Recovery From an Eating Disorder,” written by Carolyn Costin, MA, MEd, LMFT, CEDS, FAED and Gwen Grabb, MFT.


Previous degrees, certifications, memberships and workshops: 

At the same time, I’ve dedicated my spare time to the arts and my love of the natural world. I have written, directed and produced plays for community theatre for over 20 years and produced, directed and edited short films.  I enjoy collaging and crochet. I’m also an avid camper and hiker and fill my soul with walks in nature with my darling husband and gorgeous grown children. I love yoga and dancing wildly to music in my kitchen.


About Carolyn Costin and the Carolyn Costin Institute

Carolyn Costin is a world renowned, highly sought-after eating disorder clinician, author, and international speaker. Recovered from anorexia in her twenties, as a young therapist, Carolyn recognized her calling after successfully treating her first eating disorder client. Carolyn was first to publicly take the position that people with eating disorders can become fully recovered. After 15 years in private practice and running hospital programs, Carolyn was determined to improve the relapse rate and recognized a gap in the eating disorder field. She opened Monte Nido, the first residential facility in a home setting, surrounded by nature, where standard treatment was combined with meditation and yoga and clients were “retrained” to shop for, prepare and cook food. She has opened 14 similar centers since Monte Nido.


Carolyn’s contributions to the field are extensive. Her six books, service in every major eating disorder organization, three decades of training professionals worldwide, free study groups and the outstanding success of Monte Nido all spurred Carolyn to international acclaim. In 2016, Carolyn left Monte Nido and created The Carolyn Costin Institute. The Institute offers Continuing Education for clinicians, Eating Disorder Coach Certification, Mentor Training, and Educational support for families of those with eating disorders. Through the Institute, Carolyn also offers speaking engagements, consultations and supervision. Carolyn is an active, passionate, inspiring force in the eating disorder field. To learn more, visit or email:


When we are no longer able to change a situation. 

We are challenged to change ourselves.

-Viktor E. Frankl

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