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Client Testimonials

“Thank you Mary, your support was beyond helpful - especially the bit about having exposure to someone who has walked the walk and recovered, and that it’s not a forever illness he’s stuck with for life.  Honestly Mary, I think that was a real game changer for him.  He’s doing better currently with more variety in his eating episodes. Am so grateful for your help Mary, we are both so grateful.”


“Mary, I just want to thank you. Even just having one session with you I felt a lot lighter, and when I saw your emails, I felt cared for.  I just want you to know that what you are doing is making a difference. I feel heard.” 


"Our daughter has spoken in a very positive manner about working with you which is great and I’ve seen her going through the 8 keys book. Thank you as always for doing what you do as it’s playing a key part in her recovery."  D.T.

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