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Clinician Testimonials

"Mary has been a great addition to my client's treatment team. She has communicated frequently and thoroughly to ensure comprehensive and supplemental support. It is helpful to have someone who is compassionate and non-threatening, yet direct and firm to help with accountability. Mary has been able to communicate with my client in a way that keeps her motivated for change. I am grateful to have her on my client's treatment team and can clearly see the influence she has on my client."


Christine Wassel, LMHC

"I have worked with Mary in her capacity as an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and have found her to be a truly awesome addition to the treatment team.  Mary has been very professional and works in such a way to allow supporting the patient while leaving me as the Dietitian in the position of policing the disorder. My experience in working with patients focused on recovery is that they need not only the team to be focused on addressing the risks and safety concerns but also supporting the individual in addressing the fears to help them move forward. 


The Recovery Coach adds to the treatment team in being able to be a support person in other ways – kind of in the way a parent loves a child unconditionally while supporting in emotional ways and using recovery tools to help the process. I see the Recovery Coach as a very good way of helping the patient in the process of recovery. Eating Disorders are an awful disease and any support that helps an individual move forward into recovery is so very needed and also welcomed."

Bruce J. Brennan, MS RD CDN

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